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Let Them Eat Cacao! Associating chocolate with indulgence, passion and creativity is just a taste of what MoRoCo Chocolat wants you to experience upon entering the boutique ...


The lounge at MoRoCo Chocolat alludes to old world luxury but lends itself to a chic Parisian hide away. Dark drapes cloak the room with smoldering grey and is accented with crisp ...


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MoRoCo Chocolat is not a nut free environment.

All our products and menu items either contain nuts or have come in contact with nuts. If you have an nut related allergy it is recommended that you do not consume any of our products, either in the restaurant or from the boutique.
Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Moroco Chocolat • 99 Yorkville Avenue • Toronto, Ontario, Canada • M5R 3K3
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