So everyone can be a chocolate expert!

  • Bloom: dull, grey film that appears on the surface of chocolate. This is caused by improper storage and moisture, which causes the cocoa butter to release from the chocolate.
  • Cacao: the pure plant and seeds that form chocolate. The cacao tree grown in the tropics, house the seeds that make chocolate. Cacao grows in humid, wet areas beneath taller trees.
  • Cocoa butter: yellowish-white vegetable fat extracted from pure chocolate liquor with high-pressure machinery. It has a melting point of 97 degrees Fahrenheit. It is both edible and nutritious, as in an important ingredient found within many cosmetics.
  • Cocoa powder: powder with the creamy cocoa butter removed. Made by pressing the pure chocolate liquor at a very high pressure to produce defatted powder.
  • Ganache: traditional filling of many truffles. It is a simple chocolate mixture that combines heated cream and chocolate.
  • Molded chocolate: hollow or solid piece that starts as liquid chocolate that is poured into a mold. Once cooled, chocolate will take the exact shape of the mold form.
  • Tempering: the heating, cooling and reheating of chocolate in order to stabilize the cocoa butter crystals. Liquid chocolate must stay within precise temperature to be properly tempered. Tempered chocolate, when cooled and hardened, creates shine as well as snap necessary for molding candy and coating chocolate.
  • White chocolate: technically, this is not true chocolate as it contains no chocolate liquor or solids. It is a product made from cocoa butter, milk and sugar. Good white chocolate contains at least 20 percent cocoa butter and 14 percent total milk ingredients, while in cheaper coatings; cocoa butter is replaced by vegetable fats.

MoRoCo Chocolat is not a nut free environment.

All our products and menu items either contain nuts or have come in contact with nuts. If you have an nut related allergy it is recommended that you do not consume any of our products.
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