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A (Really) Short History of Tea

No one is exactly sure of the ‘tea as a beverage’ origins, however, many attribute the beginnings to China somewhere around the 10th century BC.  From China, expansion across the globe happened, arriving in Holland in the 17th century, France, Russia & England in the 1600’s and from there to the American & British Colonies.

Tea drinking has become a well known pastime associated with the English.  Beginning as an upper-class drink introduced to Britain through Charles II’s queen, Catherine of Braganza.

Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

There is a ritual followed by the British, to make the perfect cup of tea.

  • Warm the pot – add fresh boiling water to the tea pot, swirl it around and discard
  • Add tea leaves – add the appropriate amount of loose tea leaves to the pot
  • Add water & Steep – pour fresh boiling water over the tea leaves and allow to steep for 2 to 5 minutes
  • Pour tea – using a tea strainer over the tea cup, pour the desired amount of tea.  Fresh milk, sugar or lemon can be added as desired.  Enjoy!


Tea as a Meal

The Duchess of Bedford, around the 1840’s, is credited as the first person to have transformed afternoon tea to a late afternoon meal.  Tea as a meal can refer to several different meals or meal-times.

  • Afternoon Tea is a small meal, historically eaten between 3 and 5 pm and includes tea accompanied by finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, curd & jam and cakes & pastries.
  • High Tea is a bit hardier with the addition of a hot dish such as macaroni & cheese followed by sandwiches and pastries and of course, tea.  High Tea is generally served between 5 and 7 pm.
  • Cream Tea is the lightest of the three options and is a setting of tea accompanied by scones served with clotted cream.

Tea Treatments at MoRoCo

MoRoCo Chocolate has taken tea ‘as a meal’ and ‘as a beverage’ to a new level, both with our variety of tea flavours and our tea menus.  We offer unique and delicious, High Tea, Afternoon Tea and a Mad Hatter Tea, a version just for children.

With our Artisan Tea Blends, as well as our Rock’N Chocolate Reserve Collection tea flavours, we are sure to have something for everyone’s taste.  Even our Mad Hatter’s Tea comes with fun flavours just for the children.  We have also put MoRoCo Chocolat’s unique stamp on our Tea Treatments, by offering our popular Sipping Chocolate (melted chocolate in dark, milk or white) in place of tea, if our guests desire.

Our tea menu offerings include a rotating variety of delectable finger sandwiches, including vegetarian options, sweets, pastries & scones, all of which are made in-house, fresh daily by MoRoCo’s team of chefs & pastry chefs.

Come explore and experience Tea at MoRoCo Chocolate.  Call 416-961-2202 for your Holiday Tea Treatment reservation today.  We serve our Tea Treatments daily (except Mondays), all day.
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